We show you how our team outperforms those twice our size as we automate our operations, marketing, and get more accomplished

Media Leaders is the team behind SmartSocial.com who helps keep students safe on social media so they can someday shine online. As we build the ultimate safety tool that helps schools, we have tons of extra marketing tips we have learned behind the scenes. We share that with small businesses and organizations who want to save a ton of time, and turbo charge their existing team with automation tools and techniques online.

You could find a lot of this information on YouTube for free, but might take you hours, we help you do this in a very short period of time and we give you customer service. If we don't have a resource that helps you, we will find one that will or build it and make sure it's perfect. Saving your time and automating your processes is what we do.

Here's more about what we do:

SmartSocial.com - SmartSocial helps 1MM people each year to keep their kids safe, so they can shine online. These tutorials are what drives this business to serve and keep kids safe. Any money you spend with MediaLeaders goes into SmartSocial to help us protect the next generation.

JoshOchs.com - Josh is one of the top sought after speakers when it comes to social media safety and building a positive online image to shine online. These tools and tutorials are based around how he builds his speaking career.